About Tufting

♡ It is my first time tufting. What can I expect?


First of all welcome to the colourful world of tufting! You don’t need any experience prior to our workshops, they are especially designed for beginners/ people who have never done it before. All you need is the enthusiasm to try something new! We will take you through the basics of tufting and give you all you need in order to create your own rug!

♡ I’m not good at drawing. Can I still make a rug?


Absolutely! You will be submitting the design of your choice at least two days prior to the workshop. Your design will be drawn on the canvas and ready at your workspace for the beginning of the workshop. Once we teach you the basics of tufting you will see how easy and fun it is to tuft!

Example: If you want to attend the workshop on 5th July, you will need to secure your place and make your payment and send us the drawing of your choice by 3rd July.

♡ Can I make a rug of any design I want?


Yes, you can. However we strongly recommend that you should keep the details of the drawing of your choice to a minimum. Thin lines and small figures/ writing are the details that are harder to work on and it  might be hard to make them appear the way you want them to appear on your rug.

Once you submit the design you want to turn into a rug, we will review it and make suggestions if it needs to be simplified.

♡ How can I use the rug I made at the workshop?


You can use it as a rug, an art piece to hand on your wall, on the table or your sofa to add some colour and texture to your home and of course… a post for your instagram!

Just remember not to wash it or get it wet, so it's not a good idea to use one as a bath mat!

♡ How long does it take to make a rug?


This depends on the amount of detail you want to include in your rug and how fast you work. Our tutors will guide you throughout the workshop and make sure you will be able to finish your rug on time for the end of the workshop.

♡ Will I be able to take my rug home at the end of the workshop?


Yes! Once you finish tufting, you will cut it off, glue on the backing fabric and your rug will be ready!

Sometimes accidents happen, this is why we will do our best to fix the problem on your rug. If your rug needs to be fixed, please allow a week before collecting it.

♡ I'm experienced at tufting! Can I come in and use the space too?


Of course! We will provide you with all you need to work on your piece and you will have access to all the facilities of the studio. This session is available to experienced tufters at an hourly charge of £50 and slots are subject to availability.

Please contact us at tuftinglondon@gmail.com to book your slot.

Booking Related

♡ What is the minimum age to attend a tufting workshop?


We welcome anyone above the age of 10 as long as you are able to hold the tufting gun (weighs about 1.4kg) and take some easy instructions. However we will require tuftees under the age of 16 to be accompanied by an adult and supervised at all times. 

We do not allow attendees under 10 to wield a tufting gun on their own - if you have a younger child they could help you design your rug and choose the colours, and maybe have a little go with you assisting, but they will not be able to properly tuft. This is due to the fact that the session involves operating machinery with some sharp edges.

You're very welcome to supervise on a weekday - our weekends are really busy and we won't have any additional space. We're happy to provide a chair so you can watch your child work between Tuesday-Thursday, although the tufting is a lot of fun so we do recommend you give it a go!

♡ Something cropped up and I can’t make it to the workshop. Can I change my workshop date/time?


Up to a week before your booking, we can reschedule your workshop - you will have to rebook within two weeks of your original booking date, and you can only reschedule once.

After this point, we are unable to provide refunds or reschedule your booking.

For bookings of more than 8 people, the booking will be non-refundable and cannot be rescheduled, so please be sure of your dates before you book!

The reason for our refund policy is the fact that when a booking is made, a space is reserved in that day’s workshop. If this is cancelled or rescheduled, we may not be able to fill the space at short notice, and so we lose a customer!

♡ What if I can’t complete the rug with the stipulated time?


Don’t worry! You are more than welcome to stay longer to complete your rug. Extensions are chargeable at £20/hour.

♡ I would like to book a workshop at a certain date/time that is not clickable. What should I do?


This means we are fully booked or hired for a private event. Please keep an eye on our website as we release more spaces if there are any cancellations.

♡ Do you offer any discounts for groups?


Yes! It’s always fun to create together, this is why discount codes for smaller groups are automatically applied at checkout. For larger bookings, please contact us at tuftinglondon@gmail.com.

♡ Can I book a longer workshop than 2 days?


Absolutely! Just get in touch with us at tuftinglondon@gmail.com to talk about what you have in mind for the rug of your dreams.

♡ I’m planning a private event that will include tufting workshops. Where can I book?


We host private events for groups for special occasions. Please email us attuftinglondon@gmail.comto discuss your perfect tufting event!

♡ What is the maximum number of people for a private event?


Due to safety reasons we can host a maximum of 23 people for events. We offer discounts for private group workshops. Please email us at tuftinglondon@gmail.com to discuss your perfect tufting event!

♡ Can I book a workshop for tomorrow?


Unfortunately we are unable to accept bookings for the next day as we need time to prepare your canvas before the workshop. You will need to allow at least 2 days before the scheduled workshop day.

Example: If you want to attend the workshop on 5th July, you will need to secure your place and make your payment and send us the drawing of your choice by 3rd July.

♡ Can I sit in while my friend/partner/family member does a workshop?


You can sit in whilst someone else does a workshop only on weekdays with space - on weekends, the workshop can get very busy and we do not have room for additional attendees. On weekdays we can sometimes accommodate this, but it is dependent on bookings, so please do confirm by reaching out to us at tuftinglondon@gmail.com.

We do not allow young children or pets in the workshop.

♡ What happens if I am late?


It is very important to be on time to your workshop as we do a group introduction. If you are going to be late to your workshop, please let us know via email or a phone call as soon as you can, so we don't wait for you and delay the start of the workshop. If you are going to be more than 45 minutes late, it is up to our discretion whether you will still be allowed to participate, as after this time you are unlikely to be able to complete your rug in the alloted workshop hours.