Choosing the right design

Your rug can be any design you can dream up, but we would like to give a few bits of advice before you choose. 

  • We strongly recommend choosing a simple design with fewer details. Thin lines and small figures or writing can be difficult to tuft, and it might be hard to get the effect you want on your rug. Once you submit the design you want to turn into a rug, we will review it and make suggestions if it needs to be simplified.
  • We need a front view of your design: we can't use pictures of rugs at an angle! Please make sure the picture you send us is clear and face on.
  • Speaking of pictures, a screenshot from your phone or a .jpg are preferred.
  • You choose your colours on the day, so all we need is the basic outline which we will draw on your canvas the day before your workshop.
  • We have over a hundred colours of yarn, so there is a lot of choice! It’s good to have an idea of what you are looking for when you get to the workshop, but please be aware it’s impossible for us to have every colour under the sun available, even though we do our best!

Once you have chosen your design, please email it to us at, quoting your order number. Unless there is an issue with your design, you won't hear from us before your workshop, and the design you submit is final.