Looking for a fun family activity,
a crafty date idea or just wanting to get creative with your friends?

We got you!

Handmade with love

Everyone loves handmade gifts, especially the warm, cosy and fluffy ones! You can make something personal to take home as a memory or give it to someone you love as a gift.

Quality 'me time'

A piece of fabric, a tufting gun and colourful strings of yarn…Let the colourful and soft world of tufting invite you to practice mindfulness and create your very own art piece.

Beginner Friendly

Our workshops are beginner friendly and great for those who want to get crafty and make something amazing and fluffy to take home as a memory at the end of the workshop. No need to wait!

What is tufting?

Tufting is a modern take on the traditional craft of rug making. With this method you can create rugs, art pieces to hang on your wall or any fluffy and colourful thing you want to make!


Tufting London Nine Elms

Unit A, 10 Hebden Place

London, SW8 2FR

Every day 10am - 5.30pm

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